New Year…Fresh Start

Wishing You & Yours a Happy 2016.

I’ve come to learn that starting strong is always, the heartbeat of the New Year. With the opportunity to restart and reset; motivation is high. It starts out with high hopes, great expectations and goals that’s far reaching. I know first hand that intentions are great, but application is the only attribute that yield results. As you may can tell by the sporadic post here. I have good intentions to be faithful to posting here, but falter at follow through. So, here I go again….revisiting the idea of blogging.

How do you turn motivation into application? By making it a priority and just getting  starting somewhere consistently, no matter how big or small the action is in the famous words of Nike…Just do it.  Become discipline eventually you’ll  garner momentum. You may not have all the details but begin to steer yourself  in the direction you desire to go.

What is the mission behind what you want to do? Why do you want to do it? Your motive will give you motivation, if your intentions about it is pure.

When you determine its value, then you’ll find if it’s worth your time. If you discover that it is worth your time and effort; then don’t let anything change your mind and do not talk yourself out of it. (Sometimes you have to tell your own worst critic in your head to shut up.)

Disarm all the reason why you can’t, by writing a list of all the reasons you should and the benefits that will be rewarded.

Set reminders, but when you set reminders do not ignore them.

Employ an accountability partner and allow yourself to be subject to them. However, please choose him/her wisely.

Before, my battery completely, drain. I leave you with this.

How many people will you impact by just showing up?

Start Somewhere,





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