Back From A Hiatus and I been thinking


I’m back and with a vengeance! Initially, my break came by way of my granny getting ill and we were making hospital runs. Praise God for the power of prayer and the healing hand of God. I seen the power of God move in a way that I have never before in this personal setting. My granny is 82 and was having complication breathing. She went to the hospital for the same matter back in March. However, this time the trip was much more awakening, that time with her is of essence and more precious now than ever.

With Mother’s Day approaching this Sunday, it causes me to reflect on her very presence in my life. My Granny has been a very intricate role in our life; she was there to pick up the pieces when life for us fell apart. She has housed numerous of her grandchildren, we all have lived with her at some point even housing multiple families at once, in addition to taking in and raising children that was grafted into the family through marriage and raising them as she did with her own, never showing partiality.

This is the woman that came to mind when I saw her laying upon a hospital bed with IV, tubes and an oxygen mask that supported her breathing. Upon walking into the situation, the room was filled with family members weeping, and from the position of walking in I could see why, but, faith said otherwise. I couldn’t allow the dictation of what I saw over-ride what I heard. When we got the call, that they were taking her in fear attempted to crept in because they made it seems that it was the end; but after I shook off the fear I asked, God “What You say, live or die? If, he would have said the latter then I was prepared to accept it, but in my spirit I heard LIVE and that settled it. Therefore, my mission when headed to the room was praying to see Lazarus raised but when getting there I felt how Jesus, did when he went into the house of Jairus, people reporting doom, mourning and weeping. I couldn’t put them out literally, so I had to close my mind to there attendance and believe what I had heard and began praying in the Spirit. Praying in the Spirit is essential period but especially beneficial when you don’t know what to pray. Yielding to the Holy Spirit is more profitable than attempting to conjure up some well heartfelt but ineffective renderings.  Please understand it is important to know when and allow the Chief Intercessor to flow through you. It is always beneficial. I knew not what to pray and relied on the one who did. I am in no way saying that my prayer alone brought the power of God on the scene but, I do know that the effectual fervent prayer of the righteous man availeth much and coming into agreement with all the others who were praying availed much more power! 

This situation has revealed something about me that still perplex me about FAITH, my faith that is. It’s funny because I experience it in various other situations and I believe it’s because I am an intercessor. There are certain times, situations and problems that my faith is charged, engaged for the battle of warfare and understand my authority in the situation. I find this behavior is so, when there is life threatening situation, when someone is faced with marital issues, praying for the salvation of someone, so on and so forth. The operative word here is when I am in battle for someone, some situation, or something that has taken place on the news in the world. At these times I have seen the results of answered prayer but then on the other hand when I am engaged in battle for myself, the answers seem to be more distant than instant; the process of time seems to be more drawn out, which in turn effect the way I perceive my authority and baffles me that breakthroughs are happening on one front and halt on another. I thought I was alone until talking to my cousin who brought up the same point during our conversation.

Which bring me to ask you? Are there times in your prayer walk that you’ve seen answers when praying on the behalf of others and in your own life the answer seem to take longer and have you ever pondered why and what was  the answer revealed to you why? Please use the comment section to chime in and help me understand.

 PS: I have downloaded the WordPress  app for android and attempted to use it as a way to keep up on post but to no avail, for some reason I keep getting an error messages when I attempt to publish post.

Also, I have been contemplating about life, direction and this new season; that’s part two of my absence. I have had a few comments and I appreciate the kind words and the encouragement to post more. I will indeed work out the kinks with my wordpress app and/or phone, so that even if I can’t do a full post, I can publish a verse, word of encouragement or quote.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by.

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Is what I want, what God wants for me?

Often times we want things that is not what God desires for us to have. And this can be a struggle and in this struggle it reveals the suppressed feelings, emotions and wills. When we face situations that we say yes to and God says no, it can conjure up raw edge anger. We often think that God will say no to only things that will harm us but there are times He will say no to those things that will not do us harm. When God closes doors that were once open and dissolved relationships that once were strong it does not mean that they were bad but it served its season.

So how do we move on after God closes doors? Some will say that it’s a simple transition; however I am reminded of situations in my very own life when God closed a few doors and dissolved a few relationships and from experience it does not feel good. It can be compared to a child that wants more candy and the parent says no and the child falls out in a fit kicking and screaming thinking that the parent will be moved by this gesture but the parent looks with a stern look and unmoved by the actions of the child and command the child to get their act together, but if the child is a strong willed child than a little more force will be needed in order for the parent to get their point across, some times that force comes as a result of not sparing  the rod, I know in today culture it is consider child abuse, but then again, look at today’s culture as a result of sparing the rod. Solomon said in the book of Proverbs, “Foolishness is bound up in the heart of a child and spare the rod; spoil a child.” They should have taken the advice of the wise man that ever lived; apparently he knows exactly what he was talking about.

We as God’s children like a child have foolishness bound in our hearts, even as adults and because God is the one who instilled the wisdom into Solomon, he knows not to spare the rod.

When we continue on in the things that God say no to, we have to suffer the chastisement for being disobedient. Peter said it well it is good when you suffer affliction for the sake of righteousness, but when you are suffering for your own doing, you should take the chastening in stride. (Paraphrase)

  You are not going to change the mind of God, so you might as well change yours.


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