New Year…Fresh Start

Wishing You & Yours a Happy 2016.

I’ve come to learn that starting strong is always, the heartbeat of the New Year. With the opportunity to restart and reset; motivation is high. It starts out with high hopes, great expectations and goals that’s far reaching. I know first hand that intentions are great, but application is the only attribute that yield results. As you may can tell by the sporadic post here. I have good intentions to be faithful to posting here, but falter at follow through. So, here I go again….revisiting the idea of blogging.

How do you turn motivation into application? By making it a priority and just getting  starting somewhere consistently, no matter how big or small the action is in the famous words of Nike…Just do it.  Become discipline eventually you’ll  garner momentum. You may not have all the details but begin to steer yourself  in the direction you desire to go.

What is the mission behind what you want to do? Why do you want to do it? Your motive will give you motivation, if your intentions about it is pure.

When you determine its value, then you’ll find if it’s worth your time. If you discover that it is worth your time and effort; then don’t let anything change your mind and do not talk yourself out of it. (Sometimes you have to tell your own worst critic in your head to shut up.)

Disarm all the reason why you can’t, by writing a list of all the reasons you should and the benefits that will be rewarded.

Set reminders, but when you set reminders do not ignore them.

Employ an accountability partner and allow yourself to be subject to them. However, please choose him/her wisely.

Before, my battery completely, drain. I leave you with this.

How many people will you impact by just showing up?

Start Somewhere,





Day: 1 The Principal Thing

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Wisdom is primal to the life of anyone living, therefore, we are instructed to seek wisdom, if we lack it we’re instructed to ask for it, then we are admonished to incline our ear to her.

Which bring me to a point did you know that the bible refer to  wisdom as a her? It’s all in the details, I tell you. I believe the reason why Wisdom is addressed as a female , is because her ability to produce. Which we will learn more about in the coming days. I did mention that Wisdom comes with benefits. Didn’t I? Look at the prior post to see if I did. In keeping with this post at hand let’s get back. Wisdom is the principal thing and the next set of instruction states:


  1. Get Wisdom
  2. Get an understanding

Get Wisdom

This tells me that every individual bares the responsibility to pursue, seek and get wisdom. She is not a given, but is revealed to all who seek her out as a valuable treasure. Which we too will learn about in the near future. Everyone don’t qualify to have her although she wish to be sought and found out by all. Her hope is like the Father, that none will perish. Needless, to say many fail to adhere to truth; neglect and even mock wisdom. Proverbs tells of the tale of those who accepted and ignored wisdom invitation. Wisdom is so deep and mind blowing that Solomon declared in all your getting: Get an understanding.

Get An Understanding

The second part of wisdom is understanding. In order to understand Wisdom and the truth she offers, you are going to need understanding to understand the reasoning of her instructions and the destruction that comes from ignoring her.Wisdom speaks so elaborately, that you can miss out, but understanding will help you capture the nuggets and how to apply it to your life, situations and circumstances.

Solomon is a testament of wisdom. He is deemed to be the wisest man that ever lived. Nonetheless, even the wiseth man that ever lived forsook the voice of wisdom and seen that when wisdom speaks it true. Stay tuned to learn when and how Solomon forsook wisdom.

In search of the principal thing,


Seeking Wisdom

If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him.

James 1:5

Wisdom is needed as long as we travel along life’s journey. We all need wisdom. Wisdom will teach you, keep you and guide you along your path. Wisdom has many benefits if we will take the time to incline our ear to hear, heed and obey. We will learn that if we fail to hear, heed and obey the voice of wisdom we will pay the penalty thereof.

I am feeling led to travel the road of Wisdom; so join me as I take the adventure of discovering the benefits that wisdom has to offer. May we become the wiser thereafter.

However, before we begin the journey let’s pray


According to your Word, you said, ” If anyone lack wisdom let them ask of you who giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not”. Therefore, I come asking that you give us revelation knowledge, understanding and insight about all that wisdom entails. Holy Spirit, teach us all things and reveal the truth about wisdom and help us to trust in, depend on and apply wisdom to our daily lives.

Now, thank you for godly wisdom in Jesus name we pray.


With The Mouth Confession Is Made Unto Salvation


Never settle for the less of a thing. Why settle for less when more is available

I am 100% living my best life and all the good that is deemed for me I am living in the fulfillment thereof,

Jesus and his victory on the cross is my portion and I will settle for nothing less. I Am the righteousness of God in Christ


I Am accepted in the beloved and I am fulfilling purpose and destiny

I daily walk in the fulfillment of God’s blessings upon my life

I Am daily mastering the will of the Father and all that He has ordained for my life

I Am living daily to fulfill the will, purpose and plan of God upon my life.

I Am living in daily fulfillment of joy, prosperity and fulfillment

I Am joy overflowing and all the good that belongs to me I am living

I Am no longer bound, but I live in the liberty in which Christ has made me free

I Am daily effecting change in my life, in the life of others and in the world for greater good.

I AM a change agent and I am never off my post

I Am living on purpose and with purpose

I Am daily loaded with benefits

I Am full of faith and I have seen the impossible made possible on my behalf

I Am doing business and I am making a difference and an sustainable impact

I Am writing and it has reached the right person at their very point of need and they are transformed by the word thereof for the good and the glory of God

I Am seeing the power of God operate in every area of my life

I am expecting God to move in my life

I Am seeing mountains move, paths made, crooked paths straight, ways being made, hearts being changed on my behalf.

I Am keeping my eyes of Jesus and he is causing me to reign in life

I Am overcoming every obstacle, circumstance, problem, lack, and all manner of confusion

I Am silencing the voice of the enemy that speaks against me and I turn a deaf ears to his noise

I Am receiving and expecting the goodness of the Lord, because Jesus has paid the price to give me victory and because its been paid. I expect it to manifest as my reality.

Dusting Off This Page

I Am coming back to reclaim territory. I Am taking back the things that I laid down. I Am reigniting my voice to once again, become the woman that I Am…called & destined to be! I have been given the gift to share and this is a platform to be utilized to glorify the gift Giver. I wanted to scrap this page as a whole, but have been instructed not to. Nevertheless, I have been instructed and admonish to take it up again. In taking it up, a fresh wind will blow, a fresh fire will fall and the cause of Christ will burn. Therefore, here I am present and ready. Father as you have instructed here I am, ready, willing and obedient to answer, heed and incline my ear to hear. May you be glorified in all that I write/speak, may edification be the take away and empowerment, encouragement for the journey of life be imparted. Holy Spirit, breath afresh and make me what I ought to be. For I Am your WORKMANSHIP created in you for and towards good work. May your living Word breath power and may your anointing rest!
Rule, reign and abide on this page. May Salvation be our portion.
Today, is the day of Salvation in its various forms.
Deliverance is the children(s) bread and we come to partake of it.
Holy Spirit, do what ONLY YOU….CAN DO by your great and awesome…..POWER.
I Am yielded and submitted.
Be ye glorified
In Jesus Name….Amen

Newness of Life

I present this year to you and ask that your preordained purpose, will, plan, and intent for this year be manifested in my life.

May I increase in wisdom, stature and favor, with you and man?

Father I thank you and honor you for allowing me to see another year!

May I live to give you glory, may I experience you in a new way daily. May I live to fulfill the will and purpose that you have created me for? May I live each awaken day in celebration, with and on purpose. I submit myself as a living sacrifice, I die to myself that I may live unto you. I AM ALIVE UNTO CHRIST.

In 2014 may I master the art of dying to live.

Holy Spirit, lead me into all truth and righteousness. May I be perfected by love and may your love be shed abroad in my heart.

I consecrate myself unto you Lord, that you may be exalted in the earth. I yield my life as a vessel unto you. I Am your instrument, use me as you see fit.

Keep me in the way that I should go

Go before me in my 2014 and make my crooked path straight.

You know all that the year behold, so prepare, equip, instruct and make provision for all it entail.

Father, I love you and grateful that I am in the land of the living.

You came that I might have life, and life more abundantly. I welcome all that you have in 2014.


I boldly, embrace this year with faith, courage, purpose,  and with great expectation.


May your 2014 render a year that will cause you to smile.

2014 is a year of journey, exploration and discovery.

Prepare for the journey

Enjoy the process of exploration

Welcome the discovery


Celebrate each day, love without regret, forgive to live free, share your life and watch the bliss you’ll encounter.

LOVE….is the greatest gift you can give anyone.

Love and be loved in #2014


Be Present,


Light Emanates Light

Where there is light, darkness fades.

Where darkness looms, light invades.

 May light shine so bright in your life that you radiate

Light into the lives you come in contact with.

 May your light dispel darkness with each step you take?

With each word you speak and with every gesture you make.

May your light make an everlasting…IMPACT?

That will make shock-waves; to never be forgotten.

~ Danietra