What Will You Create In 2013

We have rung in the New Year; a year full of potential and promise. How will you show up in this year? How will you paint the masterpiece that is called your…..life?
While you write new chapters for 2013 be mindful to yes, have a plan, set and pursue goals, but more importantly, ask the question how can… I, better SERVE.

Better serve yourself/your life

Better serve others


The question that I will keep on the forefront of my mind will be the exact question?

                                                  How will I serve in 2013!


At the unfolding of each awaken day celebrate the process of where you are and going, but also, ask yourself the question…who and how? How can someone benefit from my: life, resources, journey/process or lessons. Who can I be an aide to in their journey? It may be through a word of encouragement, it may be offering advice to someone in their career, educational pursuit, giving to a food bank, cleaning out your closet of unused items; to donate to an organization that freely, bless those in need. No matter how you give, as Nike coined,



If you have left a comment, I want to publicly, say…thank you! Thank you for your kind words and encouragement.

I asked the question how will I better serve what is supposed to be daily devotionals. I know I have faltered at posting or should I say had. I kind of struggle with putting myself out there; I am a private person so part of me is like Jacob and the other like Israel how there were two identities fighting for purpose.

My Jacob nature (Who He was): before being converted to Israel (Who God called him to be); was struggling within himself about who he was. Jacob lived up to his name trickster, but there was a promise announced about him and therefore, he struggled between the two natures.

We all have those two natures within us like Jacob; he was full of potential, purpose and promise but, it wasn’t until he was alone that he had to confront who he was and who he was predestined to be.

It wasn’t until he wrestled all night with the notion of whom he currently was and who God truly created him to be. He had to wrestle with the thoughts that told him he couldn’t when God said He can do all things, he had to wrestle with the thoughts that informed him that he wasn’t good enough, when God was informing him it’s not by power nor by might but by my Spirit; or how can he even believe he can do something great; he had to wrestle with the idea of how can he ever make a difference, he had to wrestle with the thoughts that reminded him that he was a trickster and told him he was counted out because of his past dealings.

Jacob wrestled for the Blessing

It wasn’t until the two natures battled that he confronted the Man.  The man in the mirror: the victim, less than, not qualified or the image God written of him: More than a conquer, the head and not the tail, above only and not beneath.

At the break of day the Man asked him his name and it wasn’t until the question was posed to him. In the amplified version it states


[The Man] asked him, what is your name? And [in shock of realization, whispering] he said, Jacob.

 And He said, Your name shall be called no more Jacob [supplanter], but Israel [contender with God]; for you have contended and have power with God and with men and have prevailed.


It was not until after he wrestled with the ideas of: who, what, when, where or how and disarmed all the questions about his self, purpose,  and abilities and yield to, come into agreement with and identified himself as Israel ( who God created him to be), that Israel could come forth and the blessing pronounced over him in his mother womb could be fulfilled in his living.

Forgive me for the tangent, but where the spirit leads; I follow.

I said, all that to say this, in 2013 I am yielding to who God has called me to be without regard to who my: life, situation, circumstance, past or anyone else attempts to tell me who I am not, why not and how can I.

We are all created for and with a purpose and may 2013 be the year that you get off the sidelines and get in the game and if you’re already in the game, seek how you can be more effective and productive in your doing.

Today, I call forth the Israel in you; the person God created you to be. May you live 2013 passionately, revealing and fulfilling what you were destined to do, have and be. If, you have yet to find that out, spend time to figure it out and serve the world with it. You are a gift so, share!



Happy 2013,




Living With Expectation: Why people don’t expect anything

 Many people fail to set their sights on anything and have settled into a life of existing rather than living because somewhere in life they have been disappointed, life sent them a blow; plans did not pan out as they hoped or someone made an un-kept promise.

Disappointment can be sowed into ones life at an early age; it can be sowed into ones life in various forms. The enemy has many antics that he uses to derail the manifestation of expectation. He will send great opposition to cause your eyes to dim to the hope of what you expect. It will seem as if the thing you are expecting to come to pass in your life will appear to be far fetched. You will go through seasons where your expectation will go under a series of testing.

It comes as a result to try our faith in that which we expect. It tests the sustainability and truth of our desires. It also weighs the motives and purity of our desire. I believe that once it comes under the fire of testing, that the trials and tribulation purges every un-pure motive and sanctify the purpose of it that it will only be to the glory of God.

Your expectations have to die before it ever comes to manifestation. Trials and tribulations is the dying process. While your expectations seem as if it’s dead in the natural God is working in the spirit realm to give you an expected end which will bring him glory.



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