Living With Expectation: Why people don’t expect anything

 Many people fail to set their sights on anything and have settled into a life of existing rather than living because somewhere in life they have been disappointed, life sent them a blow; plans did not pan out as they hoped or someone made an un-kept promise.

Disappointment can be sowed into ones life at an early age; it can be sowed into ones life in various forms. The enemy has many antics that he uses to derail the manifestation of expectation. He will send great opposition to cause your eyes to dim to the hope of what you expect. It will seem as if the thing you are expecting to come to pass in your life will appear to be far fetched. You will go through seasons where your expectation will go under a series of testing.

It comes as a result to try our faith in that which we expect. It tests the sustainability and truth of our desires. It also weighs the motives and purity of our desire. I believe that once it comes under the fire of testing, that the trials and tribulation purges every un-pure motive and sanctify the purpose of it that it will only be to the glory of God.

Your expectations have to die before it ever comes to manifestation. Trials and tribulations is the dying process. While your expectations seem as if it’s dead in the natural God is working in the spirit realm to give you an expected end which will bring him glory.




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